My debut novel, The Kimono Tattoo, entered the market in June 2021. At the time, most book stores in St. Louis were still observing Covid-related protocols and refrained from in-person events. I didn’t have enough clout (or marketing skills, frankly) to create an online book launch at a book store.

Generous friends, however, put together a small launch, at Iva Youkilis’ house. Students came, colleagues, and neighbors. It was loads of fun and I was feted like some kind of celebrity!

Book Launch, Clayton, MO

Book Launch, Clayton, MO, June 11, 2021

My publisher arranged a number of online events for me, and I was fortunate to be asked to participate in the Pulpwood Queens annual conference, which was held online for the first time in 2022.

Book clubs have scheduled meetings with me—in person, on zoom, and even on the telephone.

So, I have had numerous opportunities to feel like a “celebrated author.”

Even now, three years after the release of The Kimono Tattoo, I still feel exhilarated when I’m asked to talk to people about it.

Last week was no exception!

I was invited to speak at the University City Public Library.

Well, “invited” may not be the right word.

I contacted the Head of Adult Services, Kara Krekeler, and offered to give a talk. She kindly worked me into the schedule.

The University City Library is only a few blocks from my house. I used to stop in regularly to register for the annual University City Memorial Day 10K, to vote in municipal and national elections, and to meet friends. The library moved temporarily to another location last year while the old building underwent reconstruction.

It was fun to return to the familiar meeting hall—books in hand—to speak with friends and neighbors about The Kimono Tattoo! It felt a little like a homecoming.

Kara kindly taped the entire event. If you are so inclined, you can watch the presentation on YouTube.

There’s a separate link to the Q&A. I always enjoy the back-and-forth of this aspect of a talk. Here we put the script aside and just talk.